Perfect match!

Perfect match!

Happy National Chocolate Day!



Shades of pink

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Seeing red.

Seeing red.

Something for everyone.

Something for everyone.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Refresh your look

Need something refreshing? This jacket will do just the trick! One of my favorite jackets in the new Ming Wang spring collection and will hopefully be yours too. This jacket looks flattering on most body types. The circular pattern was design for a feminine and flattering silhouette. It’s the ultimate combination of soft style and updated chic; that can be dressed both up and down, with a tease of rhinestones that touch upon select black swirls. The tanks color is what will control the wear of the jacket. For example, wear it with the matching tank for a daytime look; wear it back to black to instantly step up your style. I paired my jacket with my little black dress for a dressier look, or with a white shirt, jeans and belt for a casual day of shopping! If you’re a little top-heavy, I suggest paring it with the MS02 in black to help camouflage proportions and give an overall longer, thinner appearance.

How will you style this jacket?


Color of the month: Waterfall

I recently heard a quote and it made me laugh. “Why do women love to shop but never have anything to wear?”

There is a reason: when shopping, we trust what we see on carefully styled mannequins, and visually understand how it will work on us. The challenge, then, is how to make our purchase go the distance once it finds its place in our wardrobes.

In the past few years while working with Ming Wang, my wardrobe has shrunk dramatically. This is not because I don’t love fashion or shopping; it’s because I have discovered a brand that works for me and my lifestyle. I am a busy, young professional. I have zero time to think about what I’m going to wear each morning because every spare moment of my personal time is important to me. And yet, I absolutely want to look put-together every day. I need clothes that I can feel comfortable in, travel in, and coordinate back to the things I already own. Ming Wang has helped me build a quality wardrobe, giving me exactly what I need and preventing me from making purchases that I would only wear once.

That’s why every month I like to focus on one color group and highlight my favorite jackets every week. To give examples of different ways you can wear and style Ming Wang back to your own wardrobe – ensuring that you will never have to say, “I have nothing to wear!”

I decided to do things a little differently this time around. All styles will have 3 different looks: Girl on the go: to represent the working woman, Dress to Impress: to show a more fancy version, and Street Smart: relaxed, comfortable, and casual.

This month it’s all about a fresh star. It’s a new year and time for new beginnings. Why not start it in a fresh new color, like this splashing Waterfall blue (found in the new Spring collection)! Every week I will reveal a new jacket and several ways to style it so make sure you stop.


What do you think of this color so far?


What’s next?

2011 was a great year for Ming Wang. I was amaze at all the new developments and growth, both internally and externally, that Ming Wang has had. I love to share so here are some highlights of 2011:

Ming Wang, The Company

Expansion: For those who don’t know, Ming Wang’s parent company is based in Dallas, TX (where we ship out all your merchandise from!), and the corporate showroom is located in New York, NY (which also houses the marketing department!). Both offices saw an increase in employees this year, resulting in a need for an extension office in New York! Just down the hall from our NY Showroom is now an additional office dedicated to design.

I Am…Ming Wang: A new initiative established to strengthen bonds with our retail partners, by inviting them to tour our Dallas warehouse and participate in our seasonal photoshoots. Is your store owner featured this season?

Social Media            

Facebook: Although we’ve had our Facebook account for over a year (and our Twitter too!), our page didn’t really kick off until this year, when new content and monthly contests began. A quick shoutout to all our retail partners (Von Maur, The Bridge Boutique, La Grande Dame, Morgan Fitzgerald’s, The Ladies Shoppe) who have held Facebook contests with us so far!

Tumblr: Everyone’s doing it, and so are we! Ming Wang’s first blog launched in June, with topics that have ranged from styling tips, to behind the scenes at Ming Wang events or trunk shows, and now even guest bloggers! Be sure to keep a look out for new and exciting things to come on the blog front in 2012!


Full Figure Fashion Week: In June, Ming Wang and Toula had the chance to show the Fall collection to the plus size community right in NYC!

NewDay Services: NewDay Services is an organization that supports distressed families and equips both parents and children with the emotional support and education they need to overcome hardships and become successful. We are so honored to help support an organization whose ideals mirror our own in giving - not only women - but both women and their families the confidence to thrive. In October, Ming Wang was the proud sponsor for their first annual fashion show.

Texas Conference for Women - MORE Magazine: Held last month in Houston, TX, Ming Wang had the opportunity to showcase some new Spring 2012 pieces and our classic LBD. If you missed it, check out our recap and photos from the previous issue.

Don’t think Ming Wang is slowing down! We have so many more events and projects for 2012. My lips are seal as to what they are but make sure to sign up for Ming Wang’s Newsletter to get exclusive sneak peaks.

Click here to read more highlights of 2011.


What stress?

I have to admit the closer we get to the holidays the more stressed out I become, especially now more than ever since the year is coming to an end. There is just so much to do! Last minute holiday shopping, cleaning and decorating the home, cooking for family and friends. How can I find time to do all of this and manage my store, The Bridge Boutique?

Well, I decided to ask some of my friends for tips on how they handle stress during this time of year. Most of my friends had the same advice to give – “Carolyn, breathe and try to relax when you get home”, “meditate” - and some just plain out didn’t have any advice to give. I then decided to turn to my other “friends” - my trusty magazines and blog sites that I read in situations like this.

I decided to read O online (since I couldn’t remember where I placed my magazine), and almost as if Oprah was reading my mind, the first article on their homepage was “Get through the holidays… Stress-Free!” The first thing that popped out to me was this line: “If I have time, I’ll do this and that. If not, I’ll only do that.” A lightbulb went off in my head. I decided to come up with a plan of action. I also wanted to share my tips with all my readers who may be going through the same stressful situations.

First, I wrote down everything that needed to get done right away and things that I could span out until New Year’s. Once I knew everything that needed to get done, I started to plan things around my spare time.

To tackle my list I began with (what I thought was) the simplest task on my to-do list: last minute holiday shopping. I made a list of all the people I still needed to get presents for, what sort of gift they might like, and a budget to abide by. I decided to avoid the stores. This time of the year, stores tend be crowded and lines seem to go on forever! I decided to place orders online, as many online retailers are offering free shipping to ensure orders will be there before Christmas. If you absolutely have to go to the store, call ahead, and ask to see if they have your item in stock; then find out if they may be able to hold it aside for you. This will cut your trip to the store in half and you wont be left searching for an item that may not even be at the store.

Holiday shopping – check!

Next, cleaning and decorating the home. Instead of cleaning and putting everything all up at once, I decided to break things up. For cleaning, I broke up each section of the house and focused on one room at a time. For decorations I did the same except I broke it up by type. Ex: Day 1: Clean kitchen and put up the lights. Day 2: Clean living room and put up the tree. Day 3: Clean bathroom and decorate tree, etc.

Cleaning and decorating the house – check!

Then there’s the cooking. Cooking, I took out my cookbook and looked for easy recipes that didn’t require too much prep or cooking time and bookmarked them. Since I knew family and friends were coming over, I asked them to each bring a small dish. This would cut my cooking time in half and would be great to try a new dish!

Cooking - check!

Next up, events and outfit planning. It may be easy to forget a friend’s party or office event, so I wrote down every event I would be attending, including dates and times. To save me extra time the day of, I planned the outfits I would be wearing to each event and taped the list next to my closet. So all I have to do is look at my list, pull out my outfit and just worry on what lipstick to put on.

Events and outfit planning – check!

These are just a few things on my list and it may be different from yours. We all have different kinds of situations that stress us out. One thing to keep in mind - it’s the holidays! Even though you may not get through your list, know that we all can’t be Wonder Woman or Superman, but we can all make the holidays a little more special by spending it with those that are closest to us.

Have any stress-free tips? Share them below.

Click here to read O’s “Get through the holidays… Stress-Free!


P.S. - It’s better to give than to receive! Ming Wang has partnered with NewDay Services for Children & Families to make the holidays special for children and families everywhere. Best of all, Ming Wang is making it super easy to help out - gather all your friends and have them “Like" Ming Wang on Facebook. For every new fan, Ming Wang will donate $1 from now until January 15.